Over the past 20 years, we’ve built strong relationships in the outdoor, lifestyle, multisport and shoe stores in the Spain and Andorra retail markets; including leaders in tradicional business and ecommerce .

We’re also proud to work with independent and small businesses, bringing products to niche markets all over the country , and ensuring our brands reach all potential clients.

Our professional sales force expands this reach even further, with over 10 sales representatives with showrooms around the country. We also provide dedicated and specialized expertise in optimized e-commerce presence.

Collection Management.

Not only do we sell, but we will also ensure and oversee the invoice collection procedure.
We will share our healthy & trusted client portfolio with you.


Placing your brand in stores is just the start; sell-through is the key.
Just like the great network of retailers we have built, we’re also well connected with advertisers and publications.

Retail and Training

Our Sales team run promotions and set up in-store displays with the biggest retailers in the country. We negotiate additional exposure for your brand, taking advantage of ins-store promotions, and digital opportunities.

Communication and Events

We manage your brand communication in our territory with social media and the press.

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