Your Brand in a Roundabout

A Roundabout is a road intersection designed to facilitate road junctions andreduce the risk of accidents.

We are Brandabout.

We offer simple solutions for brands to reach the Spanish market in a fast but safe way.


Twenty year of experience both in Sales, E-commerce, Export, Marketing & Retail has driven us to a clearly understand a message:

New market trends, deserve a new distribution model

Today Brands are becoming global, and the traditional distributor based model of distribution, is becoming not useful for everyone.

Brandabout is focused in offer simple solutions for international brands to reach Iberian market (Spain, Andorra and Portugal) in a fast but safe way.


We offer an agent-based 360º global project for your brand.
We approach the implementation in an initial phase in all its aspects, studying in detail what your brand needs.
We work with specialized sales agents by brand and company type, allowing us to set up commercial structures with experience and background, making suitable implementation from the first campaign.
We tailor our services to your demands.


Over the past 20 years, we’ve built strong relationships in the outdoor, lifestyle ..


Placing your brand in stores is just the start; sell-through is the key.

Retail and Training

Our Sales team run promotions and set up in-store displays with the biggest retailers in country.


We manage your brand communication in our territory with social media and the press.

Our Brands

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New market trends, deserve a new distribution model

– Jordi Farré, Product Manager

JORDI FARRÉ Product Manager
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